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Updated on - 06 Feb, 2024

In the state of Himachal Pradesh in northern India, the International Centre for Distance Education and Open Learning (ICDEOL) is a prominent organisation connected to HPU. The mission of ICDEOL is to make education flexible and accessible through open learning and distant learning.

The ICDEOL offers numerous undergraduate, graduate, and diploma programmes in a variety of fields, including the arts, sciences, business, management, tourism, and computer applications. These programmes are made to meet the many educational demands of students who, for a variety of reasons, such as geographic distance, work obligations, or personal circumstances, are unable to pursue normal classroom-based education.

To support efficient learning, ICDEOL offers thorough study materials, internet resources, and virtual classrooms through its distant education method. To ensure student involvement and academic support, the centre also holds sporadic contact classes and interactive workshops.

The ICDEOL is dedicated to upholding high standards in education and employs a strict system of evaluation for tests and evaluations. The University Grants Commission (UGC) accepts the degrees and certificates granted by the ICDEOL and accords them the same weight as credentials gained via conventional coursework.

With a focus on adaptability, accessibility, and high-quality education, ICDEOL provides a platform for people to advance their expertise, employability, and ability to manage additional responsibilities.

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