Top Online M.Com Colleges in India 2024: Fees, Admissions, Placements & Rankings




Update at Feb 18, 2024, 4:09 am

Recent years have witnessed an explosion of online education in India. Universities and educational institutions now offer numerous Master of Commerce (M.Com) programs via this medium, making online M.Com programs an attractive solution for working professionals or individuals who cannot pursue traditional on-campus degrees due to various constraints. This article seeks to provide detailed information regarding India's online M.Com programs including eligibility criteria, course structure, admission process benefits, and career prospects.

Top Colleges Offering Online M.Com Programs in India:

Name of College  Overview

IGNOU (Indira Gandhi National Open University):

  • IGNOU is an established open university that offers an online Master of Commerce program. 
  • The duration is between two years and five years.
  • Eligibility requirements typically require at least a bachelor's degree in Commerce or a related field.
  • IGNOU provides study materials, online resources, and exams at predetermined centers.

Symbiosis Center for Distance Learning (SCDL):

  • SCDL is an esteemed institution offering an online two-year M.Com program. 
  • Each semester generally lasts six months, 
  • Applicants should possess either a bachelor's degree in Commerce or another related field.
  • SCDL provides online study materials, virtual classrooms, and exams at designated centers worldwide.

Annamalai University:

  • Annamalai University offers an online M.Com program through its Directorate of Distance Education. 
  • The duration is two years and its curriculum provides a solid grounding in commerce and related subjects.
  • Eligibility criteria may include having earned a Bachelor of Commerce or a related field.
  •  Study materials and exams will be made available, while exams will take place at designated centers.

Karnataka State Open University (KSOU):

  • KSOU provides an online Master of Commerce program, lasting two to four years.
  • Qualifying candidates with an undergraduate degree in Commerce or another related field. 
  • Eligibility criteria may also include prior work experience in related areas.
  • KSOU provides study materials, and online resources and holds exams at selected centers.

Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Open University (BRAOU):

  • BRAOU offers an online Master of Commerce program through its School of Commerce and Business Management.
  • The Program Duration is two years and covers various aspects of commerce and business management. 
  • Eligibility criteria may include holding a bachelor's degree in Commerce or another relevant discipline.
  • BRAOU provides study materials, online support, and exams at designated centers.

Eligibility Criteria for an Online M.Com program in India:

Candidates for admission into an M.Com online program in India must possess at minimum a bachelor's degree in commerce or a related field from an established university, although certain institutions may consider candidates from non-commerce backgrounds if they can demonstrate relevant work experience or completed bridge courses; additionally, some universities may impose minimum percentage requirements upon entry.

Course Structure:

Online M.Com programs typically follow a similar course structure to their traditional counterparts, covering various subjects related to commerce and business. The curriculum aims to give a complete understanding of advanced accounting, financial management, taxation, business law, economics, and related subjects such as research methodology project work or even dissertations.

Online Learning Platforms:

Universities offering online M.Com programs utilize dedicated online learning platforms to deliver course materials, host live lectures, and facilitate interaction among students and faculty. Such platforms often include features such as discussion forums, virtual classrooms, video lectures, e-books, and assignment submission portals - some popular examples in India are Blackboard, Moodle, and Google Classroom.

Admission Process:

The admission process for M.Com programs online varies across institutions. In general, candidates need to fill out and submit an online application form with payment of the application fee, along with relevant documents including educational certificates, identity proof, and passport-sized photos. Some universities may conduct entrance examinations or personal interviews to assess applicants for the program and assess their aptitude/suitability for it.

Benefits of Online M.Com Programs:


Online M.Com programs offer students a great deal of time and location flexibility when it comes to accessing course materials and lectures at their convenience, making online M.Com studies manageable with work and other commitments.


Online programs eliminate the hassle and expense associated with traveling to campus for education, saving students both time and resources. They can study from any location with internet access - whether at home or elsewhere.

Self-Paced Learning:

Online courses typically allow for self-paced learning, which enables students to understand concepts more quickly and revise as necessary.

Interactive Learning:

Online platforms create an engaging learning experience by connecting students and faculty through discussion forums, virtual classrooms, and other collaborative tools, which foster interaction and create a dynamic environment for teaching and learning.

Diverse Learning Resources:

Online programs provide access to an abundance of digital resources such as e-books, research papers, and multimedia materials that enhance the learning experience.

Networking Opportunities:

Online programs may attract students from varying geographical regions and professional backgrounds, creating networking and collaboration among peers.


Online M.Com programs tend to be more cost-effective than their in-class counterparts due to reduced expenses associated with travel and housing arrangements.

Career Prospects:

An online Master of Commerce degree provides graduates with numerous career prospects in finance, accounting, banking, taxation, consulting, and corporate sectors. Graduates could pursue roles such as financial analyst, tax consultant, auditor, investment banker financial planner, or business consultant after earning this degree online. It also serves as a strong basis for further studies such as Ph.D. or professional certifications such as Chartered Accountancy or Company Secretaryship certifications (CA/CS).


Online Master of Commerce programs in India provide an affordable and accessible means to enhance one's knowledge and abilities in commerce-related fields. With access to comprehensive curricula, interactive learning platforms, networking opportunities, and career prospects that open up after earning one, these degrees open doors in finance, accounting, and business sectors alike. However, quality learning experiences should only come from accredited and reputable institutions for the optimal experience.

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